Mission statement: “To propose collaborative solutions for the Global South that contribute to the sustainability of space for the benefit of Earth and humankind.”

Common Horizons seeks to promote awareness of the link between sustainability on Earth and the sustainability of space. Space sustainability is the ability of all humanity to continue to use outer space for peaceful purpose and socio-economic benefit over the long term (Secure World Foundation, 2013). We aim to create awareness of the importance of space sustainability through highlighting humanity’s ever increasing dependence on space activities, risks to these activities, and the results that the loss of them will have on Earth.

In modern society we all benefit from access to hundreds of satellites that provide navigation, weather forecasting, land management, tele-communications and other valuable services. Satellite capabilities are a fundamental part of the strategy for addressing the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as highlighted by the United Nations (UN). Thus to ensure our Earth is sustainable, a sustainable space environment is crucial. Common Horizons emphasizes this important link.

With space activities becoming ever pre-eminent in the globalizing world, Common Horizons has focused on the underlying themes of cooperation, collaboration and awareness  Most important, it makes recommendations to address space sustainability. The Global South and its industry must understand the dependence of their States’ activities on acces to space technologies and how the space environment  in which these technologies operate, is under threat.

As members of an international community we look out and see a common horizon. To us, that horizon is not only the physical intersection of Earth and space, but also a symbol of our collective interest in establishing the sustainable use of space. Outer space is the province of all humankind, and for this reason it is our responsibility to manage this important natural resource if we are to continue to benefit from it. 

The Global SouthThe Global South is accepted as being all regions and states aligned with the Tropic of Cancer and all those below that latitude.